EmailTray for Android + EmailTray for Your PC = the Best Spam Free Cocktail

emailtray for android and email tray for pc cocktail

Recently the EmailTray for Android app v1.2 was released. You can install it from Google Play or update your installed application. The best thing about this update is that the Android-application is now as good in rescuing good emails from the Spam folder as the desktop EmailTray already is.

Why do you need to rescue something from the Spam folder?

You surely use spam filters to protect yourself from being distracted by nonsense. But these spam filters, unfortunately, make mistakes and bury the emails you need to answer in the Spam folder.

Nobody wants to look through thousands of emails proposing that you buy a Rolex replica or that you help a Nigerian princess rob her country just so you don’t miss something important. And EmailTray is here to help you with that: it’s much more than a spam filter.

Our approach to the problem of excessive spam and information overload is innovative and effective: instead of putting suspicious emails into the Spam folder, the EmailTray email client picks your important emails out of the spam folder and puts them into Top and Low priority folders. When a spam filter puts an important email into the Spam folder by mistake, EmailTray is likely to notice this, with the help of special smart algorithm, and rescue it.

Now you can use the advantages of this approach on your Android-based mobile device. Let’s celebrate this with a cocktail. And the best cocktail, we are sure, is using both the EmailTray for Android app and the EmailTray for your PC.

Why is it the best choice to put EmailTray both on your mobile device and on your desktop?

A mobile device in your pocket is a working tool that is always available. We are sure you will begin to enjoy our approach to your inbox and would like to use EmailTray both on your mobile device and on your desktop. Use the same EmailTray account for both platforms. That way, if you mark someone as a spammer on your mobile phone or quickly write them back, we’ll know how to handle these senders on your other platforms (and IMAP mail will be marked read or deleted when you get to work in the morning). This will help you to get the most from EmailTray’s smart ranking algorithm. With one EmailTray account you can install EmailTray on any device and have your emails sorted from the first launching. It doesn’t matter what you choose: the original EmailTray, the all new EmailTray Beta (link expired), or the EmailTray for Android email client; you may be sure that your inbox will always be in order.

10 Easy Steps to Forget About Stress at Work and Information Overload

10 Easy Steps to Forget About Stress at Work and Information Overload

How many times did you promise yourself to become more productive at work, achieve more goals during the day and stop stressing about the tasks you’ve failed to complete before the deadline? Stop blaming yourself and wasting your time! Think about the reasons why you are falling behind, make conclusions and change the way you plan things and get work done.


Working with Peace of Mind

Working under pressure doesn’t always guarantee that you will spend more time effectively on achieving this or that task. You might suggest that you’ll get more disciplined this way and accomplish things faster. However this practice might turn into a disaster, especially if you are supposed to do creative things and depend on your inspiration.

The trick is that active short-time relaxation performed on a regular basis helps you stay productive all day long. Relaxing your mind doesn’t mean leaning back in your seat and doing nothing. Active relaxation at work means calming down, releasing all stress from your mind and then concentrating on the important tasks rather than jumping from one task to another.


Steps to Achieve Mental Freedom and Be More Productive

Once you learn how to work with peace of mind, it’s time to achieve mental freedom. See below the steps to eliminate information overload and become more productive.


1. Close all browser tabs…

… with the websites you were going to visit “in the nearest future once you have some spare time”.

2. Unsubscribe from the email lists…

…that you don’t really need, or do not intend to read on a regular basis.

3. Remove all virtual “friends” from your Facebook account…

…if you waste too much time chatting with them but get no value or satisfaction from this communication.

4. Stop discussing the things you’ve never seen/tried/visited…
…since this doesn’t bring any value either to you or to your readers.

5. Log off your Facebook account and forget about it till the end of the work day…
… and don’t feel tempted to log on just to check if there’s anything important or urgent waiting for you in there”.

6. Make a list of active to-do’s for today…
…but don’t plan more things than you are able to achieve during the day.

7. Concentrate on one task per hour…
…and ask others to not disturb you while you are deep into the task.

8. Take regular breaks…
…to recharge your batteries, reload your brains and get more productive.

9. Use software tools to automate routine tasks…
…such as generating monthly reports, sending automatic replies, etc. For example, you can delegate email ranking and sorting to the EmailTray email client.

10. Be creative in achieving tasks…
… to find new extraordinary solutions. Who knows maybe you are at the edge of yet another invention?


Meet the New “EmailTray for Android” Mobile Email Client App: A Personal Concierge in Your Pocket

emailtray for android


We are proud to announce that now you can use EmailTray on your Android-based devices. The EmailTray for Android email client app is compatible with Android 2.2+ devices.

EmailTray for Android app is a lightweight email client that detects important messages and separates them from everything else. A special smart algorithm is used for this. With EmailTray you can focus only on the things that really matter.

Why you should try out the EmailTray for Android app:

  • You can manage all emails from one place (support for POP3 and IMAP including push notifications)
  • You will have your emails automatically sorted by sender priority
  • The functional widget on the home screen will notify you about the number of priority emails you have without distracting you with the number of low priority emails you have
  • You can be notified about important mail with sound, vibration, light – however you want
  • With EmailTray one can share photos, ringtones, links and other content by email with one click
  • Your email accounts can be protected with one password.

Install our new mobile email client app and have the advantage of the personal email assistant in your pocket. Our Android developer team will be happy to get your reviews and comments, your feedback helps us to improve our products.

10 Best Features that Keep Me with EmailTray

email tray top priority folder


What should your perfect email client do? What functionality are you still looking for? I’ve tried to use webmail interfaces, checked different email clients, and chose EmailTray. Now I will tell you what features allow me to say that EmailTray is the perfect tool to manage emails.

1. Smart email sorting.

EmailTray helps me to keep my inbox in order.

EmailTray ranks all incoming mail using a proprietary email ranking algorithm, singles out important messages and then lists them under the Top Priority and Low Priority tabs.

With EmailTray you can stop looking through all your “incoming” trying to find the most important email – EmailTray does this for you. Like an attentive personal assistant, it places all the top priority emails into a special folder. If you like to have all your papers, desktop and email in order – this feature alone is enough to try EmailTray, but there are 9 more:

2. Rescuing good mails from spam.

EmailTray helps me not to lose an important email in the Spam folder.

You have certainly found important emails in the Spam folders of your Outlook and webmail now and then. EmailTray scans the spam folders of specified webmail and IMAP accounts and, using our special algorithm, moves good emails trapped by the spam filters to the Inbox.

3. Enhanced address book.

EmailTray helps me to manage my contacts and keep them up-to-date.

Manage your contacts in EmailTray and sync your contact list with your Google Contacts. Besides, the smart algorithm will help you to merge your contacts’ address cards, if there are several addresses for the same person.

4. Real people behind the emails.

EmailTray makes email conversation a real person-to-person communication.

EmailTray shows your contacts’ data from their social profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. So when you receive an email from a new person, you can see a photo and some information.

5. Phishing and scam emails recognition.

EmailTray keeps an eye on my online security.

Attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, masked as a trustworthy entity in email are unfortunately common these days.  EmailTray checks whether the sender is real and shows you the official icon if it is (for large or participating email senders that we work with). Now you can feel safe about your passwords and credit cards details.

emailtray antiphishing

6. Your email data locked with a password.

EmailTray keeps my private emails really private.

This option can help you feel safe about your email accounts if you use EmailTray on a computer that is used by several users. Set a password and only you will be able to use your EmailTray.

7. Customized signatures.

EmailTray chooses the corresponding signature automatically for each account you write from.

When I used other email clients, I always had to write “With best regards, Aliona” manually in the replies. With EmailTray you can have several signatures that will be automatically used in the first emails, replies or forwards for specific email accounts.

8. Instant message search.

EmailTray helps me find everything I need in a split second.

EmailTray offers a lightning-fast Instant Search feature which allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.  You just enter the first letters of the contact name, contents of the email subject or email message contents – and EmailTray shows you the results.  The difference between EmailTray and Microsoft Outlook is like day and night in this regard.

9. Syncing your email accounts between all your computers.

EmailTray keeps all my email accounts synchronized between all my computers.

Nowadays there hardly is a person who uses only one computing device. We are so Internet connected that email is checked several times per day from work, the restaurant you have lunch at or your home. EmailTray syncs all your email accounts between all your computing devices, so you may be sure that your inbox is always up-to-date. Yes, an EmailTray for Android app is available that works in sync with the desktop client.

10. Managing all emails from one place.

EmailTray manages all my webmail, POP3 and IMAP from one place.

Add all your email accounts to your EmailTray and it will help you to manage all of them at once, including those based on Webmail (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail), POP3 and IMAP.

The EmailTray 4.0 Beta Email Client Has Just Been Released: Meet the All-New Address Book

Meet the All-New Address Book in the EmailTray 4.0 Beta

We are glad to share the exciting news with you that the EmailTray 4.0 Beta has just been released! That means that you can now be among the first to try out the new features available only in version 4.0.

Along with the features you already have, a number of the software performance enhancements and eye-catching changes in the EmailTray look and feel, the new EmailTray v.4.0 Beta email client now offers an all-new address book which allows you to manage email contacts, merge duplicates and sync your EmailTray contacts with any of your Gmail accounts.

Email contact management has become a lot easier now. The EmailTray client is smart enough to find duplicate contacts based on a number of criteria and suggest you when to merge them as well as discard a suggestion. The address book feature is available upon pressing the Contacts button on the left-hand panel of EmailTray.

What’s New in EmailTray v.4.0

  • Address Book
    A fully-featured address book was added to the EmailTray email client. You can now manage email contacts in EmailTray and sync your contact list with your Google Contacts.
  • New design
    The interface of EmailTray was fully redesigned to make it more user-friendly and up-to-date. The tabs style, which is favored by the most of the users, is now available for the EmailTray folders: simply switch between the Top Priority, Low Priority and other email groups and focus on the messages you need to deal with. The message action panel is now always at hand and easy to navigate
  • New view mode
    Now you can arrange incoming messages not only by date or email account but also by the email sender: view all emails sent from different email accounts belonging to one sender in one click. That means that you will now have quick and easy access to all conversations with a specific person.
  • Full support of Hotmail
    The support of Hotmail was improved and now the work with this mail provider is faster and more stable.

Install the all-new EmailTray and see how its interface changed: the tabs view on top, the all-new features panel to the left, and the email actions right-hand panel giving you quick access to the actions you might want to apply to the selected email message.

Feeling excited? Be the first one to try out the new features and share your impressions with us. We are always happy to get your feedback, questions or suggestions and use these recommendations to revolutionize our software!

Share Your Enthusiasm for EmailTray! Cast a Vote for Our Email Client at Readers Awards: Best email client for Windows 2012

March is definitely the time to enjoy spring and share new ideas with others! You feel great about the sun, the coming spring and the email software that you can’t live without! If you are as passionate about EmailTray as we are and cannot imagine everyday life without this smart email client – cast your vote for EmailTray!

Now let’s get down to the business. Heinz Tschabitscher (the editor of’s Guide on Email, as well as the author of numerous articles on email software, emailing etiquette, tips and tricks on email management, and more) is currently holding a poll for the 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards at on several categories regarding email use, including the Awards on the best Windows Email Program 2012.

We are proud to announce that EmailTray was nominated as one of the 5 best Windows email program Awards 2012 along with the other four most popular email clients:

  • The Bat!
  • IncrediMail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Outlook

Voting for EmailTray is easy – just follow the link below, select EmailTray from the nominated email clients, then confirm your choice and authorize yourself for voting. You can choose to log on as a Facebook user, or use your login details, or leave your email address to have the system identify your vote. When casting your vote, don’t forget to spread the news among your Facebook friends, too!

Vote for EmailTray as the best Windows email program in 2012:–Best-Windows-Email-Program-2012/

Voting is open from February 22 to March 21, 2012. Winners will be announced on March 30, 2012. So hurry up and cast your vote for the EmailTray email client!

Thanks in advance for your loyalty and keep on sharing your thoughts about new features and improvements for the EmailTray email client at the EmailTray Support Center.

Best regards,

The EmailTray Team

Welcome to the EmailTray Corporate Blog

EmailTray 3.0 - a lightweight email client for Windows

Welcome to the corporate blog of the EmailTray Team! We promise to keep you updated on every little feature appearing in the EmailTray email client, so stay tuned and never miss a chance to learn more about EmailTray so you can make your mail flow more easily and enjoyable to process!

In two words, EmailTray is a free lightweight email client (desktop and Android mobile) the desktop version of which offers you many features that normally come with a regular email client:

  • Tracking multiple email accounts
  • New mail notifications
  • Instant search across messages
  • Custom email rules
  • HTML editing
  • Custom signatures

Apart from these essential features, EmailTray also offers a unique email sorting feature which beats all other email clients because it allows you to forget about ever experiencing a flooded inbox. Thanks to EmailTray, you can now concentrate on the most important messages only. EmailTray analyzes all messages that come to your Inbox and prioritizes those it considers really important to you.

How does EmailTray know for sure which email messages are important to you and which are not? The secret lies in a smart email sorting algorithm which helps EmailTray determine which messages come from authorized email senders or people that you or your friends have previously communicated with, which emails come from official companies and which are junk mail.

If you are tired of email overload and want an effective solution to overcome it – EmailTray is your best choice! If you still don’t use this simple yet smart email client – it’s time to give it a try!

Welcome to our blog and stay tuned for the most recent news on new EmailTray releases and software updates, new features, insider notes, how-to’s and much more!

Best regards,

The EmailTray Team