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A Problem of Email Overload

Anyone who uses email on a regular basis faces a problem of email overload sooner or later. Opt-in newsletters as well as unsolicited mail tend to clutter the Inbox, and it gets harder and harder to single out important messages - really important emails which might require immediate action.

The more contacts and prospects you have, the more important messages you can expect to receive. Since you don't want to miss important mail you are condemned to checking your mail many times a day, sorting emails by priority and doing your best to respond to the most important ones right away. As a result, the out-of-control Inbox may demand your attention every hour or two, therefore interrupting you from your other important office tasks.

So what's the way out? There are plenty of articles and video tutorials on the Web giving you advice on how to overcome email overload efficiently. Most of them will teach you how to manage email by hand: look through all messages, sort emails by importance and delete unimportant mail, file messages that could be attended later and respond to the urgent ones which might require immediate reply. However these articles and videos give you no answer to the important question: "Where do I get so many extra hours per day to perform all these tasks by hand?"

Get Your Own Free Email Organizer

There is no need to waste your precious time checking mail in all your email accounts and sorting emails by hand. With EmailTray, you can delegate these jobs to our simple yet intelligent email client which will track and aggregate all emails in one place and sort emails according to the sender importance. It will also notify you about most important messages, not about each and every email that you get.

Get focused on important messages

Forget about cluttered Inbox and email overload. With EmailTray, you can concentrate on important mail instead of looking through all messages and sorting emails by hand.

The EmailTray email client will sort emails by sender importance, so you'll have all important mail organized under the Top priority and Low priority tabs.

Spam messages from all your accounts will get to the Spam folder; the rest of the messages will go to No priority.

Sorting messages by priority in EmailTray
EmailTray notification about a message rescued from spam filter

Forget about the mistakes of spam filters

In order to get rid of junk mail you may choose to use a spam filter. Unfortunately, spam filters often make mistakes and send good mail to the Spam folder. As a result, you will not see all of the good mail in your Inbox and fail to respond to some important messages.

EmailTray is more than an ordinary email spam filter, as it solves the problem of email overload by using a different approach. EmailTray's mission is singling out important mail out from the junk folder rather than killing emails considered as spam.

Even if some good mail gets trapped by a Spam filter by mistake, EmailTray will detect all important emails sent from real senders, rank them by importance and send you an email notification about a Top priority message that otherwise would have languished or disappeared in the Spam folder.

Fine-tune the sender priority according to your needs

Thanks to EmailTray, you can take advantage of the automatic email sorting. The sorting algorithm is smart enough to analyze your email actions, spot active conversations and differentiate real senders from spammers and bots.

However if you want to fine-tune the sender priority, you can do it right from the sender's business card displayed in the top-right corner of the email message reading pane.

EmailTray allows you to set the sender priority to Top Priority, Low Priority, or No Priority. Once you apply the change, all emails from this sender will be automatically organized under the tab of the specified priority.

Setting a message's priority in EmailTray

Whether you use email sparingly as a method of communication with your friends, or use it extensively as a powerful channel for business connections and product/customer support - you will love the email sorting feature offered by EmailTray. This intelligent email organizer will free up your hands, streamline your mail flow and help you focus on important tasks.

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