From Outlook Plugin to Email Client

Looking for an email management plugin for Outlook? Get a standalone email client with the features of email notification and email sorting instead.

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EmailTray: Email Client Software with an Email Sorting Feature

As of October 2010, EmailTray was publicly released as email client software. Like its predecessor, EmailTray was mainly designed to prioritize messages and notify users about new important messages. However users now received much more than an email sorting plugin.

Unlike the SenderOK plugin for Outlook, EmailTray does not require any specific email client installed on your computer: it now acts as a standalone email client. It can also be used as a universal email notifier for all kinds of email accounts. EmailTray supports the most popular Webmail providers, POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols. That means that you can track all your email accounts, not Outlook accounts only or Webmail.

What you get with the EmailTray email client:

  • Track all emails in one place
    With the EmailTray email client software, you'll be able to track multiple accounts (POP3, IMAP and all popular Webmail accounts).
  • Enjoy smart email sorting
    EmailTray is not just a plain email client which aggregates all mail in one place. With EmailTray, messages will be analyzed, ranked and grouped according to the sender importance under the Top priority, Low priority, No priority and Spam tabs.
  • Get notifications about important emails
    EmailTray also functions as a smart email notifier: you will get notified about important messages with a popup window and sound.
  • Have mistakes of spam filters corrected
    With EmailTray, you will no longer have to screen the Spam folders of all your email accounts. EmailTray will check the Spam folders of all tracked accounts for important messages and rescue those which have been mistakenly considered spam.
  • Deal with messages in a convenient format
    Although EmailTray is a simple email client, it offers the most popular features expected in an email client: custom email rules and email filters, reading and composing messages in HTML format, and more.

SenderOK: an Email Management Plugin for Outlook

There are plenty of paid and free Outlook plugins available online which aim to enrich your experience with Outlook, provide useful features or add fun to your daily email routines. Some Outlook plugins allow adding colorful or funny signatures at the bottom of your message, some provide animated email notifications, and some give you statistics on your email activities or remind you about sending a message to a sender you haven't communicated with for awhile. Some plugins add a social element to your Outlook experience by giving you quick access to the social media profiles of email senders.

Back in 2008, EmailTray originated as an Outlook plugin for email management. It was called the SenderOK plugin, and its mission was analyzing emails in your Outlook and Webmail accounts, detecting trusted senders and spotting active conversations, prioritizing their messages (VIP, Important and Routine categories) and sending desktop alerts about new important emails. In other words, SenderOK was an Outlook plugin which helped its users with email sorting and offered new mail notifications.

The SenderOK plugin for Outlook also added a social look and feel to the emails: messages from the SenderOK users were accompanied by virtual business cards providing a photo, name and the professional headline of a sender. Such business cards were integrated with the email message and could only be displayed if you used the SenderOK plugin integrated with MS Outlook.

SenderOK used to be a powerful solution which helped its users eliminate email overload, manage attention and make email work more productive. The only drawback was that it could not be used without MS Outlook installed on your computer.

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