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The Best Email Client for Those Who Don't Like Email Overload

There are a number of email clients available on the Web, some are free and some are paid. All of them are aimed to free up your hands and simplify your work with email. But which one can be called the best email client that would really cover all your needs, without being huge and bulky?

On the one hand, you could go for a complicated program from a giant software conglomerate that would help you with email management, contacts management, task management and more. But aren't you tired of a heavy email program that eats up lots of space and resources? Why should you compromise here?

On the other hand, a simple email client or en email aggregator would help you manage multiple email accounts that you may use for business mail, news and subscriptions, payment receipts, private messages, etc. But how will you know which messages you should attend to first? How will you know that an important message has just arrived and it requires immediate action?

EmailTray provides a great solution to all of these questions and proves the fact that the best email client CAN be intelligent yet simple.

A Formula of the Best Email Client

For those who don't want to compromise, here comes a formula for the best email client:

It's lightweight - no bloated code with tons of features you'll hardly ever use - just an EMAIL client and that's it.
It's easy to set up and use - no more server ports or connection types to configure; EmailTray recognizes most of the top email providers and configures email settings in a matter of seconds.
It's user-friendly - with EmailTray, you'll find all necessary features at hand, no extra options to distract your attention.
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Best Email Client
It knows what's important - EmailTray will rank your emails intelligently and sort them by importance.
It cares about you - EmailTray will notify you only about IMPORTANT email, not each and every mail.
It corrects mistakes of Spam filters - you'll never miss any important email: EmailTray will analyze the Spam boxes of your email accounts and give a second life to messages that ARE important.
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