A Universal Email Notifier

EmailTray can work both as a universal Webmail notifier and as an email notifier for your POP3 and IMAP accounts.

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Supported Webmail Providers and Protocols

The EmailTray email notifier supports all popular Webmail providers and protocols: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP (with or without SSL).

Advantages of Using an Intelligent Email Notifier

If you install an email notification plugin for your email client, or use a Webmail notifier, or use a plain email notifier for all your accounts, you will automatically add more popping windows to your desktop. This will sooner or later result in stress in the workplace, as you'll be notified about each and every email, all day long.

So what's the way out? The answer is "EmailTray", a free email client that also functions as an email notifier. This simple yet powerful piece of software will regularly check all your email accounts for new emails, analyze them and inform you only about messages it considers important. It will work as a smart Webmail notifier as well as a POP3/ IMAP notifier.

Competitive advantages of using the EmailTray email notifier:

  • Learn about important emails in time
    Thanks to the selective principle of email notification introduced by EmailTray, you'll immediately learn about messages that are worth your attention as soon as they arrive. EmailTray will sort emails by sender importance (Top priority, Low priority, No priority and Spam) and notify you about important ones right away.
  • Stop wasting time on checking mail
    With EmailTray, you'll no longer waste your time checking mail and sorting email. This smart email client will track all your email accounts, including Webmail, POP3 and IMAP.
  • No more missed and unanswered emails
    Once you start using the EmailTray email notifier, you'll no longer miss important messages mistakenly trapped by spam filters. EmailTray will scan the Spam folders of all tracked accounts, to check if there are any important messages in there, and expedite good mail back to Inbox.

The most pleasant thing about the EmailTray email client is the fact that you'll get all these features absolutely FREE of charge. With EmailTray, you'll enjoy the most cost-effective email management solution which will save your time and energy, help you to raise yourself out of email hell and increase your email productivity!

Email Notification Features of EmailTray

Thanks to an advanced smart algorithm and mechanism for email sorting, the EmailTray email notifier becomes a godsend in the process of email management. This simple yet intelligent email client will not only track all your email accounts but it will also let you know how many important emails you've received.

A prominent feature of EmailTray is the non-obtrusive passive notification about important emails which will let you concentrate on your work and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

EmailTray System Requirements

  1. Notifications about important emails only
    EmailTray is very picky when it comes to email sorting and email notification. With EmailTray, you'll get notified about important mail, not about each and every email. This is where EmailTray greatly differs from the other email notifiers: your attention will be focused on the most important emails only.
  2. Essential info about each important message
    Every time you get a new important email, EmailTray will notify you about it with a popup window and sound. The popup window of the email alert will provide the essential information about the message: sender name and his/her social profile photo, the sender priority level and the subject of the message.
  3. Customizable alerts
    By default, the EmailTray notifier informs about each important message telling that you've got new mail in the Top priority or the Low priority folder. You can change the sound of the new mail notification by choosing from a number of predefined alert sounds or using a custom sound.
  4. Customizable reminders
    There is no need to worry if you've missed a new mail notification produced by EmailTray. You will be reminded about it later with a popup and sound reminder. Reminder intervals can be fine-tuned under the EmailTray alerts settings.
  5. Passive email notification
    If you choose to disable the active desktop email alerts of EmailTray, you can take advantage of the passive email notifier. The EmailTray icon which sits in the taskbar notification area will always let you know how many Top priority and Low priority emails have recently arrived from all email accounts that you track.
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It supports all popular Webmail services and protocols: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, POP3 and IMAP.