EmailTray Features

Multi-Featured Email Management Software

EmailTray is lightweight yet smart email management software incorporating functions of an email client and an email notifier. The competitive advantage of the EmailTray email client is the offering of a smart email sorting mechanism which allows users to focus on important emails from all tracked email accounts.

Simplicity of a Lightweight Email Client

EmailTray is a free email client that supports the following Webmail providers and protocols: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Email client features:

  • All accounts in one place
  • Integrated business cards of email senders
  • Custom email rules
  • A quick reply bar
  • HTML formatting
  • Instant search
  • Password-protected email database

EmailTray is easy to configure and very fun to use. Learn more about all features of the EmailTray email client.

EmailTray client window with notifications from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and POP3
Sorting messages by priority in EmailTray

Smart Email Sorting

EmailTray can actually be called a smart email concierge, as it ranks all incoming mail using a proprietary email ranking algorithm, singles out important messages and then lists them under the Top priority and Low priority tabs. Thanks to EmailTray, you'll always have your Inboxes in order.

Email sorting software features:

  • A human approach to email sorting
  • All important mail is categorized for convenient reference
  • Adjustable priority levels for each sender
  • Good mail is detected and rescued from the Spam folder

Learn more about all features of the EmailTray email sorting software.

New Mail Notification

EmailTray also works as a smart email notifier: it sorts emails in your Inbox and notifies you with a popup window and sound about important messages.

Email notifier features:

  • Visual and audio new mail alerts
  • Passive new mail notification (tray icon)
  • Alerts on important mail only

New mail alerts and reminders can be customized according to the user's preferences.

Learn more about email notification features of the EmailTray email client.

EmailTray notifications on desktop and taskbar
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