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Spring Updates: All Fresh and New EmailTray Features

Spring Updates: All Fresh and New EmailTray Features

Our EmailTray development team believes that everything should grow and improve in the spring. And they implement this approach in our smart free email client development. That is why today we have some great news: both the EmailTray for PC and the EmailTray for Android email app have been updated.

What’s new in the EmailTray for Android email client app

The main changes in EmailTray for Android email client app have been about usability and the interface. Starting with widgets that have become neater and better looking, look out as well for an updated settings screen that is now even more intuitive. These changes are not all that noticeable at first sight, but they do make your experience more pleasant.

EmailTray on your mobile device is becoming more and more full-featured at a pace to be envied: now you can save a signature to be added to all your emails and cut the sender’s signature in a reply. This is great for quick and informal mobile email communications. Besides, more options for your unread email sorting were added and now you can arrange your emails in the most comfortable way.

As always, we are glad to get your comments and feedback!

What’s new in the EmailTray for Windows

First of all noticeable updates have been made to the EmailTray address book. Now it’s a full-featured address book that makes your contact management easy and quick. You can move contacts from multiple webmail accounts to the EmailTray email client with ease. An advanced data import system now includes the automated import of contacts from email accounts of major webmail providers, full data synchronization with Gmail Contacts and the on-demand import of contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn.

We all have our own ways to work with everyday email. EmailTray wants to make your everyday routine as pleasant and free from email overload as possible. That is why we give you freedom in choosing comfortable settings. Now you can arrange incoming messages not only by date or email account but also by sender. Changes were also made to your signature settings: you can not only set different signatures for a new letter and a reply/forward, but also have no signatures added.

EmailTray continues to care for your online safety: all suspicious, spam or phishing emails are marked with a special line, informing you about possible malicious content.

The support for major webmail service providers has been improved. Now the support of IMAP accounts features instant notification on new mail, i.e. you will know about new important messages the moment they appear in your webmail Inbox. So there will be no need to check your email every minute, while you wait for something important that you expect.

As it has been said previously, one of our main goals is your data safety. Now you can backup your EmailTray mail database including: all messages (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Archive), your address book, your signatures and all possible settings (list of your configured accounts, custom rules, your business card, alerts, etc.). Moving to another PC or laptop? Restore your mail data from the backup file and proceed with your work without delay.

10 Easy Steps to Forget About Stress at Work and Information Overload

10 Easy Steps to Forget About Stress at Work and Information Overload

How many times did you promise yourself to become more productive at work, achieve more goals during the day and stop stressing about the tasks you’ve failed to complete before the deadline? Stop blaming yourself and wasting your time! Think about the reasons why you are falling behind, make conclusions and change the way you plan things and get work done.


Working with Peace of Mind

Working under pressure doesn’t always guarantee that you will spend more time effectively on achieving this or that task. You might suggest that you’ll get more disciplined this way and accomplish things faster. However this practice might turn into a disaster, especially if you are supposed to do creative things and depend on your inspiration.

The trick is that active short-time relaxation performed on a regular basis helps you stay productive all day long. Relaxing your mind doesn’t mean leaning back in your seat and doing nothing. Active relaxation at work means calming down, releasing all stress from your mind and then concentrating on the important tasks rather than jumping from one task to another.


Steps to Achieve Mental Freedom and Be More Productive

Once you learn how to work with peace of mind, it’s time to achieve mental freedom. See below the steps to eliminate information overload and become more productive.


1. Close all browser tabs…

… with the websites you were going to visit “in the nearest future once you have some spare time”.

2. Unsubscribe from the email lists…

…that you don’t really need, or do not intend to read on a regular basis.

3. Remove all virtual “friends” from your Facebook account…

…if you waste too much time chatting with them but get no value or satisfaction from this communication.

4. Stop discussing the things you’ve never seen/tried/visited…
…since this doesn’t bring any value either to you or to your readers.

5. Log off your Facebook account and forget about it till the end of the work day…
… and don’t feel tempted to log on just to check if there’s anything important or urgent waiting for you in there”.

6. Make a list of active to-do’s for today…
…but don’t plan more things than you are able to achieve during the day.

7. Concentrate on one task per hour…
…and ask others to not disturb you while you are deep into the task.

8. Take regular breaks…
…to recharge your batteries, reload your brains and get more productive.

9. Use software tools to automate routine tasks…
…such as generating monthly reports, sending automatic replies, etc. For example, you can delegate email ranking and sorting to the EmailTray email client.

10. Be creative in achieving tasks…
… to find new extraordinary solutions. Who knows maybe you are at the edge of yet another invention?