Support Center


Q: What is EmailTray?

A: EmailTray is a free email client that prioritizes the mail you read and adds social network info about your email contacts.

Q: How does it work?

A: EmailTray aggregates messages from various email accounts (POP3 and IMAP accounts) to organize your incoming emails according to their importance. It alerts you by voice and/or pop-up when new high-priority emails arrive in your Inbox. It also watches the email spam filters that are notorious for sending good emails to the spambox. EmailTray returns such emails to the Inbox.

Q: What about my privacy?

A: We use security measures to protect our users against the loss, misuse, and alteration of data our system uses. Such measures include regular security reviews, upgrades, and backups.

Please see our Privacy Practices to learn more about the kind of data that is collected about you and for what purposes.

Q: Do you send any information to others?

A: EmailTray sends an encrypted email address to Facebook to retrieve the Facebook profile for the contact whose message is currently being viewed. Your own Facebook profile is never altered by EmailTray, and all Facebook privacy settings are strictly followed when you are viewing other profiles. That’s the extent of our sending information to others.

Q: Can I install EmailTray on several computers?

A: Yes, you can install as many EmailTray copies as you need, i.e. at work, at home, on your laptop, etc. Once you have created an EmailTray account, you can use your account details every time you install an EmailTray copy at another location. To do this, choose the I’m an existing user option during the registration process. EmailTray will automatically synchronize your user account data with the data on our servers once you launch the software on another computer.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: We would be sorry to hear that. To delete your account, please contact our support team at and request them to delete it. You can also ask us questions on what you might not understand about the software.