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Post Effects of Email Overload

Email Overload Results in Stress in the Workplace

Email is a great tool which helps us effectively collaborate with each other across time and distance. Email is relatively cheap if compared to other channels of communication. However email can be a disaster for those who track multiple email accounts and have to deal with a full Inbox every day. The post effects of email overload are obvious: loss of time, loss of productivity, and unanswered email or delays in email replies - just to name a few.

Loss of Time

    When you deal with email, you have to repeatedly spend time on many tasks:
  1. Logging on to your email accounts several times a day to check if there is anything new
  2. Sorting emails in your Inbox to prioritize important messages
  3. Deleting unimportant messages
  4. Answering emails that require immediate action
  5. Looking through emails in the Spam box to check if there are any important messages there mistakenly trapped by a Spam filter
  6. Searching through emails to find necessary information.

As a result, you are condemned to spending time on all these tasks several times a day unless you apply effective email management strategies and use email management software that automates most of the tasks for you.

Loss of Productivity

It's a proven fact that checking mail, prioritizing messages and sending replies interrupts a person's work and frequent interruptions seriously drain productivity. This happens because it takes time and intellectual effort to switch from one task to another. As a result, you can't concentrate on your work and accomplish routine tasks effectively.

New mail alerts available in most email clients won't help here much, as these alerts inform users of each and every email, no matter if they are important or not.

If you turn off all email alerts and limit yourself to checking mail 2-3 times a day, you will definitely avoid frequent interruptions but you will automatically run the risk of not attending to an urgent email in time. This is a vicious circle.

Unanswered Email and Delays in Email Replies

If you deal with hundreds of emails per day, it is quite hard to attend to most of the important ones in time and have all urgent emails answered without delay. Unanswered email may result in lost customers or perspectives, or even a damaged reputation, which is much worse.

Another problem of unanswered email lies in the constant malfunction of spam filters. Important emails are sometimes treated as spam by mistake and may land in your Spam box, which you most probably don't often check.

The good news is that EmailTray is more than an ordinary spam filter: it analyses all mail (including Inbox and Spam folders) and prioritizes important messages. In case a good message gets trapped by a spam filter - EmailTray will bring it back to the Inbox and notify you about it. With EmailTray, your attention will be focused on important mail rather than spam messages.

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