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Q: How do you rank email messages?

A: EmailTray analyzes and ranks your incoming messages by taking into account local and global parameters.

Local parameters derive from your mailing experience. EmailTray analyzes your Outlook address book and Sent folder (if Outlook is present on your PC), your webmail received/sent messages and address book, and takes into account how you treat your incoming emails. The following parameters are analyzed:

  • Whether you read or immediately delete emails sent from a particular sender;
  • Whether you reply to or just read emails from them;
  • How fast you respond to the emails of a given email sender;
  • Whether you forward emails received from particular senders;
  • Whether you have corresponded with the given sender before, etc.

Global parameters are the social metrics vital for determining the importance of "unknown" email addresses, i.e. messages received from people with whom you haven’t corresponded before. Whereas the local database is a great help when sorting emails from "known" senders, it’s impossible to sort incoming emails without external factors when it comes to unknown senders.

EmailTray checks whether any EmailTray users have ever corresponded with the "unknown" sender, no matter if the sender is registered within the EmailTray system or not. The anonymous behavior of these EmailTray users toward the sender will determine the sender’s initial priority ranking for you (if others answered this person quickly, he or she will be considered more important than if others deleted this person’s email quickly).

Q: How do you treat messages that my webmail service provider treats as spam?

A: Each time you receive new mail, EmailTray analyzes Spam for good emails trapped by the webmail spam filters. If EmailTray detects an email sent from an email address present in your address book, another EmailTray user, contacts of your contacts (these are the main but not the only signs of a good email), EmailTray will certainly move this message to your Inbox. If you visit a website and you quickly get an email from that domain, it is obvious that you just provided your email address to that site and are expecting email from them. EmailTray will forward that email to the Inbox.

Q: I have a webmail account where emails from other addresses are redirected. Why should I add these additional webmail accounts?

A: Messages trapped in the Spam folders are not redirected to the primary email account. You will be surprised if you check your Spam folders. We bet you will find several lost emails that are important for you.

Q: Why do I have problems with my account (cannot connect to it, or download new messages)?

A: The thing is uses specific protocols that aren't fully supported by EmailTray. That is why we cannot guarantee that EmailTray will work stable with mail accounts.