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More than an Email Spam Filter

How to Stop Junk Mail

How do you stop junk mail? Do you rely on an email spam filter built in your email program, or do you use standalone anti spam software, or sort emails yourself every hour or two?

If you sort emails yourself - you are definitely wasting at least two hours per day in managing your mail. That makes 14 hours per week. Or 728 hours per year. Multiply it by an hourly rate. Doesn't it sound frustrating? There should be a more economical way to cope with email overload...

If you use an email spam filter, here is a question for you:

Did you know that regular spam filters often make mistakes and may consider important messages as spam? Did you ever come across an unpleasant situation when a partner waited for your reply to their message but you didn't even know about it? You can't afford to lose your clients and partners, can you?

Forget about all old-fashioned ways to stop junk mail. Stop wasting your time and money and ruining your business reputation! Move to a better solution before it's too late, and enjoy your work with email.

A Better Alternative to a Spam Filter

EmailTray is something different from a regular email spam filter. Spam filters normally stop junk mail in a primitive way - they move unwanted mail to a Spam box based on sender black lists, message content analysis and other rules that may often cause mistakes in determining whether a message is important or not.

EmailTray works just the other way round - it first analyzes all mail based on your email behavior and email connections, then sorts emails by importance and alerts you to IMPORTANT mail only:

  1. It ranks and sorts emails intelligently - EmailTray will rank messages based on read/respond/delete/forward actions and interconnections between email senders, and then sort emails by priority.
  2. It corrects the mistakes of Spam filters - EmailTray will scan the Spam boxes of all your email accounts to check if spam filters have mistakenly trapped any good mail.
  3. It alerts you about good emails - you'll be notified with a pop-up window and sound once an important message arrives via any of your email accounts.

In other words, while spam filters focus on spam and move junk mail to the Spam folder, EmailTray email client focuses on message priority and puts important messages into folders with different levels of priority.

Forget about spam filters that often direct good mail right into the Spam box! Download a smart email client that will sort your mail with intelligence.

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