Privacy Practices

EmailTray is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your personal data at the highest level.

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Mail database integrity

Mail database integrity in EmailTray

We guarantee the integrity and safety of your mail database. Our smart algorithm and advanced email analysis technologies enable EmailTray to deal with large mail databases (while it remains your job to adhere to Microsoft's recommendations on safe maximum size of your .pst file).

Personal data privacy

Personal data privacy in EmailTray

EmailTray will never send the subject lines nor texts of your emails to its servers. Our smart algorithm will know what senders are important to you by analyzing your email behavior. This information is strictly confidential and will at no time be disclosed to any third party. You can request deleting your account and all related data at any time.

Passwords privacy

Passwords privacy in EmailTray

EmailTray will never send passwords of your email accounts to its own servers or anywhere else. The passwords are kept locally on your computer. EmailTray uses these passwords to sign in to your email accounts and alert you about priority emails, even when a given email program is not launched.