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HelpArrowAbout EmailTray for Android

EmailTray is a multi-account smart email client for Android that identifies mail that is important for you.

EmailTray receives email from all of your email accounts and separates email that is worth your attention. It rescues mis-filtered good emails from the spam box and returns these to priority folders.

EmailTray for Android is a mobile extension of the Windows-based program EmailTray that identifies email priorities and distributes messages into folders according to those priorities. EmailTray for Android alerts users to the number of unread top priority messages via sound, vibration or light and also by means of a screen widget.

The EmailTray screen widget can show sorted email in three folders, two folders or just show one:

  • 'Top priority' for important messages,
  • 'Low priority' for less important messages, and
  • 'No priority' for messages of unknown/doubtful priority.

The main features of EmailTray for Android are:

  • Multiple email account support.
  • Automatic mail sorting by sender priority.
  • Good email rescue from spam.
  • Messages grouped by date or sender.
  • Instant notifications about top priority new mail (sound, vibration, light).
  • A functional widget on the home screen that notifies you about the number of priority emails.
  • Password-protection of the EmailTray mail database.
  • POP3 and IMAP support (including push notifications).
  • Pictures, music and other content sharing via email.