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For those who deal with email every day, effective email management is key. Below are the most effective and time-proven email management solutions that will help you manage email overload and boost your email productivity.

  • Check email at defined times each day. Schedule the time when you check emails in order to control your uninterrupted time. This will prevent you from getting distracted from work too often and help you reduce the post effects of email overload. The other side of this coin is the risk of not reading an urgent email in time and not responding to it immediately.
  • Organize messages by priority and action. Sort emails in a way to respond to the most urgent emails first. Leave subscriptions, news and other non-urgent mail for a better time - you'll attend them when you have some spare time.
  • Limit your email response time. Do not let yourself spend more than 10-15 minutes per email unless it requires deep research. Use email templates or standard responses to attend to frequent or common queries.
  • Don't subscribe to newsletters which you won't read. Think twice before you enter your email address into the subscription box. You won't be able to read all the news in the world anyway; limit yourself to what you really need.
  • Quit using email to read news; subscribe to RSS feeds instead. This will help you relieve your inbox from a good part of the email that you get on a regular basis but won't solve the problem of email overload completely.
  • Use business email etiquette rules. Use short and precise email subject lines, answer briefly and up to the point, quote the questions that you reply to; do not overuse the "CC" and "Reply to all" options without special need, etc. These and many other business email etiquette rules will help you make email communication more efficient on the condition that your thankful email recipients respond to you in the same manner.

These tips will help you manage your Inbox to some extent however they will definitely NOT solve the problem of email overload completely. Read on to learn about email management software that will help you save lots of time and energy.

Email Management Software

If you value your time and the time of your employees - choose an effective email management model. Let email management software manage multiple email accounts, sort emails based on sender priority and alert you to priority emails. Stop wasting your time on the things that can be fulfilled by intelligent software.

    Make the following tasks automatic or semi-automatic:
  • Use an email client to manage multiple email accounts. It takes a lot of time to log on to different email accounts several times a day. The best solution to this problem would be a good email client that supports the most popular email protocols (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP).
  • Use a good spam filter to stop junk mail. Most part of our daily mail consists of junk mail that clutters the Inbox. To stop junk mail, you can try using a good spam filter - either server-based or built in to your email client. Note, however, that many spam filters are notorious for making mistakes and considering good messages as spam. That means you can miss important mail if it gets trapped by a spam filter. The good news is that EmailTray corrects the mistakes of spam filters: it analyzes all mail, including Inbox and Spam folder mail, spots important messages and separates them from the junk.
  • Use email rules to prioritize messages. If you know for sure that emails sent from a definite email sender will be important for you - use email rules to give those emails the highest priority.
  • Configure your email client to alert you about new messages. Since checking email on a regular basis distracts from work and results in stress in the workplace, set your email client to check mail at defined periods of time and to send you alerts about important new emails.
    Note: Unfortunately, most email clients can only be configured to alert you about all new messages, without prioritizing them. EmailTray is different from other email clients in that it can prioritize important emails and alert you only about priority mail.

If you value your time and the time of your employees - go for an efficient way to manage email overload. Let the EmailTray smart email management software analyze your email behavior and email interconnections, sort your mail based on sender priority and alert you to priority messages.

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