The EmailTray Email Client: Choose the License That Fits You the Best

You may choose whether a Free EmailTray email client for Windows license is enough for you or choose a Premium License for 12 months, 36 months or forever.

You need the EmailTray email client for Windows Premium, if:

  • Email is not only one of the communication channels for you, but your business tool. Use the EmailTray email client for Windows to have different signatures for your replies and forwarded emails as well as newly composed emails. EmailTray will add them automatically.
  • You care about your personal data. Protect your EmailTray account with a password and be sure that all your email accounts, added to the EmailTray email client for Windows, are safe when you are away from your computer for a certain amount of time or when someone wishes to access the settings.

Note that all EmailTray users receive the following added benefits:

By the way, EmailTray software is available both as a Windows email client and an Android email app, so you can really make your emailing efficient and enjoyable.

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