Don’t Let Your Email Spam Filters Kill Good Mail: Have It Rescued

email filters kill good mail

Why some email messages are lost

Most Webmail providers and Internet Service Providers offer a feature of email filtering which is executed right on their servers. That means that some emails initially routed to your Inbox will be rejected at the server level. This is point #1 where the emails get sifted and some of them land in a Spam folder.

Further on, a built-in email filter used in your desktop email client or a separate email filtering program installed on your computer may screen incoming mail again. It will look for suspicious mail and put it in the Spam folder. This is point #2 where incoming mail is filtered again.

As a result, an end user receives only part of the emails initially routed to their Inbox. Some emails are rejected on the server and some end up in the Spam folder of your favorite email client. The good news is that you can manually check what’s inside your email client’s Spam folder. The bad news is that email clients normally will not download the contents of the Spam folders of your tracked accounts. That’s really sad.


What exactly email spam filters do

  • Analyze email headers, message subjects and bodies for suspicious content
  • Block suspicious emails by IP address, server, email address or by country code
  • Offer sensitivity settings and custom rules
  • Offer a spam-complaint mechanism
  • Run black lists of suspicious senders and white lists of approved senders


Weak points of email spam filters

  • Good emails from real senders can get trapped by a content filter in case “suspicious” words are used in the subject or message body
  • Emails from prospects and partners can be mistakenly regarded as spam because of the country code
  • You can still get messages from spammers because their IPs or email addresses haven’t yet been added to the black list
  • Good emails can get blocked because your email spam filter sensitivity settings are set to be too strict
  • Cost: You are expected to pay $19-$29 to use one of the popular email spam filters


How the EmailTray email client sorts emails

  • Analyzes user emailing habits (read/reply/forward/delete actions)
  • Analyzes interconnections between all EmailTray users
  • Assigns a priority to each email sender
  • Ranks all incoming emails in your Inbox
  • Inspects the contents of the Spam folders of all your accounts for important messages
  • Rescues good emails mistakenly trapped by email spam filters and sends them back to your Inbox
  • Files all incoming messages under the Top Priority, Low Priority, No Priority and Spam markers


In other words, EmailTray processes emails just the other way round. Instead of taking suspicious mail away and leaving you face to face with all emails (both important and unimportant), EmailTray singles out important emails and lets you focus on them right away. Learn more why EmailTray is better than a regular email spam filter.

With EmailTray, you no longer need to look through the contents of the Spam folders, searching for any lost important emails. You no longer need to sort emails in your Inbox. You can now get focused on the contents of the Top Priority and Low Priority tabs and stop stressing out over email overload. That’s easier than you could expect.

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