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For Windows XP/Vista/7
Easy management from one mail hub
Smart email ranking by importance
Notification for important (only!) mail
Contacts' details (Facebook, LinkedIn)
Good mail recovery from spam
Instant message search

Free email client for Windows - one intelligent work area for all of your Hotmail/Live, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and POP3/IMAP accounts

Manage all emails from one place

EmailTray will help you manage several email accounts at once, including those based on Webmail, POP3 and IMAP.

Have your emails ranked intelligently

EmailTray will analyze your read/respond/delete/forward actions, as well as interconnections between email senders, to rank incoming emails by importance.

Be notified about important mail

EmailTray will notify you about new important emails with a pop-up ticker and sound - regardless of whether you have a browser or other email client opened.

Have good mail rescued from spam

EmailTray will scan the Spam boxes of all your accounts to recover important messages mistakenly trapped by spam filters.

Feel safe about your personal data

Passwords of your email accounts are stored encrypted on your PC.

See real people behind the emails

EmailTray will enrich your email communication with your contacts' information from their social profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.